How to Plan a Budget Trip to Egypt

Egypt is more than just pyramids. It is also the center of museums, shopping centers, galleries, famous historical sites, explorable deserts and so much other exciting stuff. Egypt is safe to travel now. My friend who is from Egypt and was at fitness center told me that do not believe some of the alarming news about Egypt that the TV channels highlight.

As you already know, or should, negative reports seem to sell faster than hot cakes in the post-modern world. Unfortunately, many people believe the exaggerated stories and so keep away from Egypt. Fortunately, fewer tourists to Egypt means the prices go down so you should take advantage of this and pack up for the land of Pharaoh.

If you are traveling to Egypt on a budget, rest easy. Compared to Europe or North America, a visit to Egypt is affordable. These tips will help you spend less in Egypt:

Do Not Buy Everything Hawkers Throw at You

In Egypt, you will continuously get hassled to buy things. Do not give in or you may spend a large chunk of your money on things you do not need at the moment at the expense of visiting the sites in your bucket list. Just say, ‘No thank, you’ as politely as you can. This hassling is in every country, but it is too much in Egypt. You feel being forced to buy, or else…

Do not get into conversations with the people hawking their wares in the pyramid regions. What may start as a comment on the weather can soon end up in you being desperately begged to buy something.

Some photographers will also take your photo without your consent and then ask you to pay to get it.

Visit in Summer

The July-September summertime is the best time to visit Egypt if you are on a budget. The sites are not crowded, the hotels are not full, and you can haggle over almost everything and get a favorable price. However, be prepared for a hot Egypt during summer.

Book in advance

If you are taking a flight from London to Cairo, you should book the mainstream carriers in advance for discounts. This can save you some money to spend on your trip.

Stay in the Downtown area

As a traveler on a budget, you should book your room in the Downtown area of Cairo. At about £6 to £20 (sterling) per night, you can get a single, comfortable room with a shared bathroom. The good news is, much of the attractions you wish to see are easily accessible from Downtown. You can as well walk to the destinations to save transport charges so long you are staying in Downtown.

Moving around Egypt

Overnight trains are most preferred by the budget tourists getting around Egypt across long distances. For instance, if you are moving from Cairo to Luxor, or Luxor to Swan, the train is the best option. The journey between Cairo to Aswan takes about 12 hours, too long to be pocket-friendly if you are using a taxi. Also, do not take first class. You can also use buses to connect to towns that do not have train links.


Do not dine at the high-end tourist restaurants if you are on a budget. They are expensive. The cheapest area to eat tastiest dishes is the streets. Only beware of the sub-standard hygiene, lest you end up in a hospital suffering a stomachache. There are budget restaurants where you can arrange for your evening meals in advance so that it is ready when you arrive.

Do Not Be Too Generous

If you are on a budget, do not be too responsive to the needs of those who are on the lookout for tips they don’t deserve. Learn to dismiss some of these people. You can give much of your money t beggars, only for you to join them once you run out of money.


Take time to learn some Arabic, as you prepare for your trip. Start with “la’a shukran” which means “no thank you.” Also, do not overlook the terrorist threat. Some areas are potential targets so check with your embassy.