Where to Place Google AdSense Ads on Your Website?

SEO AgencyWhen it comes to generating revenue there are ways. Among the most common ways is through the Google AdSense program. It is absolutely free to join, easy to set up and based on many different factors, people will click the advertisements since they are accustomed to seeing them. Now while they may click on them, you will discover that if you have several websites, the CTR or click through rate can vary depending on the color the advertisement placement and the ad size. It is important to find as soon as you have visitors that are coming to your website.

If you visit with the Web site or if you do a Google search that is general online, it is going to show you an AdSense heat map that points out the places. Quite often the place is over the article or the content. The only thing you need to be worried about when placing it is to guarantee that the title of the post does not read in such a manner that if Google were to see your website, it would seem like you are encouraging people to click on the ad below. If you have any text underneath the date or the name like posted by or put in a bit of tag that states advertisements or advertisements by, you should be protected from the Google authorities. People will tend to float the text and wrap the text around so by having the AdSense block underneath the name, they do not run the risk of a warning or ban. To be clear read the help pages to ensure you are following their guidelines and you have to be smart about how you can do it.

The parts of this page that have would be the top of the page beneath the bar and the sidebar or the bottom of the page above the footer. This makes sense people tend to look at things from left to right and from top to bottom. This makes the click places that are likely to the top of the lower left hand corner, the sidebar or the page. When it comes to text color for theĀ google advertising agency penang will say to go with the typical and Colors that are green people know they are ads. You will be told by others to So that the ads blend in and Match the color of your advertisements look more natural. There is no wrong or right answer in this regard, what is Determine which way has the highest and the answer would be to test it both ways click percentage. When the site is up with great content and you have a great deal of traffic there is always testing to do.

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