Benefits and Facts of Heater Air Conditioners with Refrigeration Process

Unlike the normal Ac appliances, the heater air conditioners reverse the refrigeration process thus producing heat rather than cold in the building. They are also called heat pumps or reversed cycle air conditioners. Using these heat pumps is much more efficient than using electric resistance heating because there is lesser reduction in energy. More often than not, the heater air conditioners are a part of the central air conditioning which has the heating pump operation during the cold seasons.AIR CONDITIONER

The heater air conditioner has a valve which enables it to change between Heater and air conditioner and vice versa. Thus when the valve is conditioning to operate in 1 way, the heat pump will function as an air conditioner and if changed another way, the stream of liquid in the heat pump reverses so since it acts as a heater.

After the heater conditioner is enabled the indoor evaporator coil turns into the condense coil which produces heat. The outside condenser however changes to the evaporator and generates cold air that is actually colder than the prevailing outdoor atmosphere. The heater air purifier consists of a series of tubes which are powered by a pump called compressor. This is the place where the working fluid also known as refrigerant is compressed into little spaces where it warms up and click site for details. The heated fluid flows through a long coil that is called the condenser. This is the point where the warmth flows out into the atmosphere. In addition, it can flow into another system that is designed to cool it.

The atmosphere is then sprayed out through a tiny nozzle into the evaporator. At This point, the atmosphere is quickly cool and is of lower pressure. It flows through the evaporator coils where it is warmed up. In cases where the condenser changes to evaporator or vice versa, a single heat pulp will be sufficient to offer the heat during the cold seasons and cooling during the warm season. However, the primary problem with the heat pumps is that the coils on the Outside will likely collect ice that reduces their efficiency. However, the heat pump ensures that the ice is melted periodically.

This is achieved by occasionally switching back to the air conditioner mode in order the coils are heated. To avoid pumping of cold air into the space when in this mode, the heat pump lights up valves and electric strip heaters to warm the cold air that is being pumped out from the conditioner. The heater conditioner is attached to a gas furnace that remains off when the air conditioner is to be used for heating purposes. The furnace goes on when the air cannot provide enough heat to heat up the evaporator properly hence the system cannot pulp enough air into the space. The furnace heats up the evaporator coil to boost its efficiency.

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