Feng Shui Consultation For All Round Prosperity

Since I started writing for the papers, my email box was inundated with queries from readers of this column and also audiences of my tv program. Some of us are curious to learn more about Feng Shui in general, others are trying to find specific answers to their Feng Shui queries, and there are many people who are only seeking some relaxation or confirmations about some superstitions, old wife’s tales and myths. So, this week thought, for a change, I must open up my mailbag and share with my readers a few of the more common and intriguing questions I have received and the replies to these queries. Some of these questions could be a little technical, others are simple. But the majority of them share a common characteristic of being questions that many people, at some stage or another, would have thought about or considered in regards to the subject of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Consultant

I employed the help of a feng shui master a friend of mine when we shifted to our new home in June last year. According to our property is a Northeast facing main door facing NE and is an ‘ground’ house. She would tell us to not use color like blue, red, purple for our home except to use color like beige, white, brown and light yellow. However, in the new annual review which we would ask her to do to the home, she advised us we can’t use green. I would already purchase green substance for my curtain and sofa set since she hadn’t mentioned to not use green the first time. She says green, which is a ‘timber’ shade will destroy the earth house. I remember her saying that color will only affect 10 percent of feng shui but when I asked her if it was okay if I went ahead to have green couch set and drape, she said definitely not. I’m now very confused. I don’t want to eliminate the green materials which I would spend quite a great deal of money on, but on the other hand, I am afraid it will be bad feng shui.

In the basic study of feng shui consultation, a building could be of a specific component, based on its overall form. By way of example, a building with a sharp pointy roof is a Fire form. Round-shaped or designed buildings are of Metal element. In Eight Mansions Feng Shui, the part of a house is based on the Sitting direction of the Home. However, the element of your property does not impact on your individual choices when it comes to interior decoration. Your Feng Shui consultant friend appears to have established her interior design recommendations on New Age Feng Shui instead of Classical Feng Shui. The elemental quality of a construction also doesn’t dictate your interior design decisions. It only tells us what the construction is better suited to, from a functionality perspective.

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