Typical Types of Liver Function Tests

The diagnosis of liver diseases depends upon a combination of history, physical examination, laboratory testing and sometimes radiological studies and biopsy. Just a medical provider who understands each these aspects of a particular situation can reliably make a diagnosis. Many individuals with liver ailments nonetheless have any questions regarding their lab test results and seek information regarding their significance. The term liver function tests and its abbreviated formelts is a widely used term that is applied to many different blood tests that evaluate the overall condition of the liver and biliary system. Regular blood tests can be divided into these evaluations which are authentic LFTs, such as serum albumin or prothrombin time, and those evaluations which are simply markers of liver or biliary tract infection, like a variety of liver enzymes.

In addition to the typical liver tests obtained on regular automated chemistry panels, your health care provider may order more specific liver tests like viral serologic tests to search for hepatitis C. ALT is an enzyme produced in hepatocytes, the major cell type in the liver. ALT is often inaccurately known as a liver function test, but its level in the blood tells little about the role of the liver. The amount of ALT in the blood actually enzyme activity is measured in the clinical lab is increased in states in which hepatocytes are damaged or die. As cells are damaged, ALT flows out into the bloodstream. All types of hepatitis viral, alcoholic, drug-induced, etc. cause hepatocyte damage that could cause elevations in the serum ALT activity. The ALT level can be increased in cases of liver cell death resulting from other causes, such as shock or drug toxicity. The level of ALT may correlate roughly with the amount of cell swelling or death, but this isn’t always the case. A precise estimate of inflammatory activity or the amount cell death can only be made by liver biopsy. See also aspartate aminotransferase below.

AST is an enzyme like ALT see above but less specific forĀ lft test price in delhi since it is also produced in muscle and may be elevated in other conditions as an instance, early in the course of a heart attack. AST is also inaccurately called a liver function test by most doctors. In most cases of liver inflammation, the ALT and AST activities are raised roughly at a 1:1 ratio. In certain conditions, such as alcoholic hepatitis or shock liver, the elevation in the serum AST level may higher than the elevation in the serum ALT level. Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme, or more exactly a family of related enzymes, produced in the bile ducts, gut, kidney, placenta and bone. An elevation in the level of serum alkaline phosphatase actually enzyme activity is measured in the clinical lab, particularly in the setting of normal or only modestly elevated ALT and AST activities, indicates disease of the bile ducts.

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